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Hot Spots For Food, Drinks As Cold Descends On Stamford

Stamford Daily Voice | by Frank MacEachern | FEBRUARY 9, 2015

Hot Spots For Food, Drinks As Cold Descends On Stamford

At That Awesome Deli, owner Eric Screnock knows what people want on days when the the temperature dips.

"They want hot food and especially hot coffee," he said, with a laugh. "They really go for coffee."

The deli is located at 22 Belltown Road and has been open since August 2012. But Screnock has been in the food business for more than 20 years, he said, and over that time he noticed that many more people are asking for gluten-free food.

He also prepares the gluten-free sandwiches in a different area to prevent any cross contamination if that is a dietary concern. At Café Oo La La, owner Faina Yelensky said it's hot food and hot drinks that people clamor for.

"They want something to warm them up," she said while standing in the midst of her busy cafe at 2325 Summer St. in the Ridgeway Shopping Center. "When it gets cold there is nothing better than a hot meal or a hot soup." Yelensky, who has been open for four years, said she has a loyal customer base and a thriving catering business.

"We are very busy; I just came back a little while ago," she said about a morning run to fill an order… read more>

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